Emergency Preparedness

As part of its health and public safety planning, the City develops strategic policies that protect the interests of its citizens on a daily, yearly and long-term basis.

Public Health & Safety Notices

The City's natural environment is a draw for both local residents and visitors. Much of the North Shore's recreational activities focus on the great outdoors and the City wants to ensure that everyone has a safe and memorable time. The City may issue notices related to health and public safety from time to time. Before heading out on your next recreational adventure, check to see if a weather advisory or health notice is in effect.

Emergency Preparedness

An emergency or natural disaster can occur anytime, anywhere. An earthquake, heavy rains, a dangerous goods incident are just some of the possibilities. Through North Shore Emergency Management (NSEM), the City strives to be a prepared community, ready to respond to these and other disasters or emergencies. There are also provincial and federal entities which play a key role in emergency planning and emergency response for citizens.

Personal emergency preparedness is also important. It will not only go a long way to safeguarding your family, but will also help the City and other government bodies advance emergency plans in the face of an emergency situation. The City's NSEM agency provides regular emergency preparedness workshops and courses that are free for the community. The City encourages you to prepare for the unexpected by participating in a workshop or by visiting NSEM for information about the best course of action to take in the event of a disaster.

The Great British Columbia ShakeOut

On the third Thursday of October - a locally-driven, province wide "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" drill will take place called the Great British Columbia ShakeOut. All residents, agencies, businesses, and organizations across British Columbia are encouraged to take part in the largest earthquake drill in Canadian history! The Great British Columbia ShakeOut earthquake drill takes place annually on the third Thursday of October with over 340,000 people participating.

Participate in the Great British Columbia ShakeOut

  1. DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!)
  2. Take COVER by getting under a desk, table, or sturdy piece of furniture and
  3. HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops (approximately 2 minutes for drill)

For more information visit www.shakeoutbc.ca.

Weather Advisories

Climate change and global warming have impacted the way weather and weather patterns can affect the North Shore region. The fall and winter months tend to bring heavy rains, winds and snow, but spring storms are not unusual. Flooding, power outages and water turbidity are all possible during these weather events. In the summer months, the City may experience forest fires and drought, which may result in water shortages and poor air quality.

The City issues weather advisories when necessary to help citizens protect and prepare themselves for extreme weather conditions.

Contact Info

North Shore Emergency Management (NSEM)
Phone: 778-338-6300
Email: nsem@nsem.info
Website: nsem.ca

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