North Shore Recycling & Waste Centre

The North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre's Recycling Drop-off Area accepts many materials free of charge.

In addition, some materials are accepted for a fee at the paid materials area of the Waste Centre (e.g. mattresses, new and used gypsum/drywall, yard trimmings); visit to find out which materials are accepted for a fee at the Waste Centre.

Acceptable Materials for Free Recycling

You can help reduce waste by recycling these items free of charge at the Recycling Drop-off Area.

Recycle these items FREE at North Shore Recycling Depot

You can also bring your Flexible Plastic Packaging to the Recycling Drop Off Area or other available drop-off location (e.g. Brooksbank Return-it depot, London Drugs locations). Flexible plastic includes the following:

  • packaging with plastic seal
  • net bags
  • crinkly wrappers & bags
  • stand-up pouches
  • zipper lock bags
  • bubble wrap & more

View a full list of Flexible Plastic Packaging which can be recycled.

Used Household Motor Oil & Antifreeze Recycling

Looking to recycle used household motor oil, oil filters, or antifreeze? There's an easy, free, and eco-friendly way to dispose of used household oil and antifreeze materials on the North Shore. The North Shore Recycling & Waste Centre now accepts, motor oil, oil filters, oil containers, antifreeze, and antifreeze containers. By recycling these products, you're helping protecting the environment and making sure valuable resources can be recovered and re-used. Please ensure caps are tightly sealed so nothing leaks out.

BC Used Oil Recycling Centre North Vancouver


North Shore Recycling & Waste Centre Location

The facility is located at 30 Riverside Drive West, North Vancouver, with separate entrances for Recycling and other drop offs.

Hours and lineup cameras are on the North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre website. Note that hours, methods of payment, materials and regulations are subject to change.

Provincial Take-Back Programs

Many items such as tires, electronics, and medications can also be recycled or disposed of safely through a provincial collection program. There are several convenient locations in the community to drop off your materials.

Find a drop-off location using the What Goes Where tool or call the Recycling Hotline at 604 RECYCLE or visit


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