Community Benefits of Filming

The last five years have seen record high number of film permits in the City. But what does that really mean for you as a resident?

Well, the film industry benefits the City is ways you may not think of, so much more than just seeing glances of local streets, homes and City landmarks on your TV.


  • There is a reason why everyone seems to know someone in the film biz – the City has one of the highest percentage of film workers, per capita, in BC.
  • Did you know at least 1,000 City residents are directly employed by the film industry? That's a lot of payroll coming into the City.
  • Did you know that there are four film studios on the North Shore? Two of them are in the City. Plus the City has digital media, sound studios and other amazing production services.
  • Think of the impact on local businesses? Who provides food, lodging and other services to cast, crews and other workers connected with each production? This in turn generates more business and jobs for residents in the City - it's a win-win situation.

Income & Philanthropy:

  • In addition to permit revenue (the majority of which goes into general revenue), most years see thousands donated to the City's Youth in Film Program. This program gives bursaries to City youth who gain training, experience and hands-on knowledge of the film industry.
  • The film industry has also brought many other benefits to the City. For instance, they have paid for graffiti removal in parks prior to filming, or fixed road signs, or repainted steps, or repaired vandalized City property.
  • A feature film paid for new benches in a park they filmed in, and a TV show has ordered new benches at Grand Boulevard Park.

So what's in it for you?

  • Well, you can regularly play the "ooohh that's not _____ (fill in the blank with - New York/Seattle/San Francisco) its _____ (2nd and Lonsdale / the park around the corner / the Quay / The Shipyards)" game at home with your family.
  • Lookout for famous actors or observe high speed chases from a distance.
  • Perhaps loan your home. For more information on how to do this, review Your Property as a Film Location.

Contact Info

Clare Husk
Film & Community Events Coordinator
Tel: 604-982-3910
Cell: 604-679-2525

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