Lonsdale Quay South Plaza Fountain to Be Removed

September 21, 2023   

The Lonsdale Quay South Plaza fountain will be removed commencing September 25, 2023 in a two-phased approach. The associated public artwork—“White Winds” sculpture—will be carefully removed with every effort made to repurpose it on-site, and the “Beyond the Fountain” mosaic tilework has been photo documented for archival purposes. 

The 37-year old fountain has been out of commission since 2020 due to a full mechanical failure and safety considerations. While the artwork is still in good condition, retrofitting the fountain to current safety, health and environmental standards is cost prohibitive. As such, City Council endorsed the removal in April 2023. We thank artist Bruce Walther for the beautiful tilework and the family of White Winds artist Gerald Gladstone for artwork that has delighted so many over the past two decades it has been in Lower Lonsdale. 


Structure Removal and Future Site Plan Details

Quay North Urban Development will begin the work to remove the fountain on Monday, September 25, 2023 with a two-phased approach:

  • Phase 1 will be the removal of the fountain and placement of temporary asphalt to cover the area. This is expected to be complete in less than two weeks.
  • Phase 2 will be the full demolition and installation of cast-in-place concrete and will take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete.

The area will then be expanded to include seating, with future programming and the final design elements to be finalized in 2024 in collaboration with Lonsdale Quay and the City.

About the Artwork

“White Winds” Gerald Gladstone (1985) The white metal sculptures at the centre of the fountain represent sail forms celebrating recreational boating in Burrard Inlet and waterways beyond. The artist Gerald Gladstone (1929- 2005) was a prominent Canadian sculptor who left a legacy of public art works in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

“Beyond the Fountain” Bruce Walther (2001) The ocean and city-themed mosaic featured in the fountain basin was the result of a Studio in the City youth employment project led by mosaic artist Bruce Walther. As part of that program, local youth worked with the artist to design and install the colourful mosaic. Bruce Walther is a glass and mosaic artist who has lived and worked in Vancouver for over 25 years.
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