City Supporting Condos and Apartments to Get EV Ready

January 23, 2023   

Update February 2, 2023

Missed our EV Ready webinar on February 1? No worries, you can watch the webinar recording and view slides from the webinar.

The City is helping to future-proof existing condos and apartments by offering top-up rebates so multi-unit residential buildings can get a jumpstart on being electric vehicle (EV) Ready.  

By 2035, every passenger vehicle sold in Canada will be electric under the federal government’s newly proposed regulations. To help prepare for widespread EV adoption, and to encourage residents to make the switch early, the City will top-up current provincial rebates offered through CleanBC’s Go Electric EV Charging Rebate program. This program supports existing condo and apartment owners in retrofitting buildings to accommodate the high number of EV charging stations that will be required in the future.  

Eligible buildings could receive up to $158,000 in combined rebates, including: 

  • $4,000 to develop an EV Ready Plan (including a $1,000 City top-up)
  • $700 per parking stall for EV Ready Infrastructure (including $100 per parking stall City top-up)
  • $14,000 for EV charging stations 

For many people, the decision to purchase an EV depends on their access to convenient and reliable at-home charging. With the majority of City residents living in condos or apartments, supporting access to EV charging in these buildings is a key strategy for the City in enabling EV adoption as outlined in the City’s Electric Vehicle Strategy. 

EV Ready Webinar

The City is hosting a free informational webinar for the public on how multi-family residential buildings can get EV Ready and take advantage of current rebates. The event is taking place online on Wednesday, February 1 from 6-7pm. To register, email with your name. 

Supporting EV Ready Planning and Infrastructure

The provincial and City top-up rebates offer a holistic approach to preparing for future high levels of EV charging by equipping every parking stall in a condo or apartment building with an energized outlet. An EV charging station can then be easily installed at the outlet when it is needed. This comprehensive approach helps avoid future costly electrical upgrades and provides residents with more equitable access to EV charging. 

More Information

Learn more about the program at

For any questions or to register for the webinar, please contact Planning and Development, Environmental Sustainability at

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