Vote by Mail in the Election This Fall

August 31, 2022   

New this year, all eligible voters have the option to vote by mail in the 2022 City of North Vancouver general local election taking place Saturday, October 15. 

Mail ballot packages can be requested at Packages with detailed voting instructions will be mailed around September 30. Voters are encouraged to request their package in advance. 

Packages requested on Wednesday, October 5 or later must be picked up in person at North Vancouver City Hall, 141 West 14 Street. The last day to request a mail ballot application is Monday, October 10. Ballots must be received by the Chief Election Officer by 8pm on October 15 in order to be counted.


How to Vote by Mail

  1. Complete a Mail Ballot Voting application form available at by October 10.
  2. Mail ballot packages with detailed voting instructions will be mailed around September 30.
  3. Complete the ballot and required documents and return the sealed mail ballot package (via mail, in person or by courier) to the Chief Election Officer before 8pm on October 15. 

Mail ballots should be completed and returned as soon as possible. Voters are responsible for ensuring that the Chief Election Officer receives their ballot by the deadline, and ballots received after the deadline will not be counted.

It may take up to five days for a mail ballot package to be delivered locally by Canada Post. Deliveries to/from addresses outside of the City are expected to take longer. Voters also have the option to pick up or drop off the mail ballot package in person at North Vancouver City Hall. 

Who Can Vote?

Eligible voters in the City of North Vancouver must meet all of the following qualifications:

  • A Canadian citizen; 
  • Age 18 or older on the day of registration or General Voting Day; 
  • A resident of the City of North Vancouver on the day of registration; 
  • A resident of British Columbia for at least six months immediately before the day of registration; and
  • Not disqualified by the Local Government Act or any other enactment from voting in an election in British Columbia or from being nominated for, being elected to, or holding office, or otherwise disqualified by law.

About the 2022 Local Government Election

On Saturday, October 15, City of North Vancouver voters will elect one mayor, six councillors, and three school trustees for School District No. 44.

Local elected officials set policy and direction that shape the programs and services within your city. These include roads, sidewalks, water, sewer, waste collection, emergency services, schools, community centres, parks and trails, business services, and much more.

More Information

To learn more about the 2022 City of North Vancouver local government election, visit or contact the Chief Election Officer at 604-982-8354 or email


Get out and vote!

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