City Reducing Community Wildfire Risk

October 27, 2022   

Work is underway to create fire resilient ecosystem in the southern section of Greenwood Park by removing hazardous vegetation fuels and planting native trees and shrubs. This project will reduce the risk of wildfires spreading to and from the homes surrounding the park.

The first phase of this project took place in June with the removal of invasive plants, branches, brush, and other organic debris.

Phase two of this project will include:

  • Removing the lower branches of trees to reduce ladder fuels that allow fires to climb;
  • Removing small conifers and hazard trees;
  • Removing organic matter on the forest floor; and
  • Planting a mixture of native trees and shrubs.

Work is expected to start at the end of October and take approximately one month to complete. For safety, there will be intermittent trail closures. There may be some noise between Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm.

This project will improve public safety by removing hazard trees and reducing wildfire risk. The work will not have any impacts to recreation or existing infrastructure in the park and compliments the recent upgrades made as part of the Greenwood Park Restoration Project. 

This project is designed to be sensitive to our urban forest and streamside ecosystems. The timing of this work has been selected to limit disturbances to wildlife including nesting season. Once complete, a mixture of native shrubs and smaller trees suitable for the site will be replanted. By removing invasive plants and replanting this site with native plants we are improving forest health and promoting urban biodiversity.

Protecting the Community From Wildfire Risk

Wildfire risk management is part of the City’s broader wildfire prevention initiatives identified in the City’s Community Wildfire Prevention Plan. The southern section of Greenwood Park was selected as a priority area due to the close forest interface with the residential community. This project is being funded through a grant through FireSmart BC. For more information about the City’s wildfire management initiatives visit or contact Engineering, Parks & Environment at or 604-982-3961. 

About Greenwood Park

Greenwood Park is a large natural urban forest park located in the upper Grand Boulevard neighborhood. This park contain a network of formal and informal trails used by walkers, runners, and mountain bikers. 

About the FireSmart BC Program

The FireSmart program in BC is directed by the BC FireSmart Committee (BCFSC). The BCFSC’s goal is to collaboratively maintain and improve the delivery of the FireSmart BC program to better support wildfire preparedness, prevention and mitigation in BC. Learn more on the FireSmart BC website.

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