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Public Hearings on Hold during COVID-19
Regular Council Meetings continue virtually. Mayors' Message
A joint letter from North Shore Mayors to the community. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
See what the City is doing in response to COVID-19. Get details on park related closures. City Hall Temporarily Closed to the Public
We are still available to serve you 8:30am to 5pm Monday-Friday. Library, Recreational & Cultural Facilities Closed
Harry Jerome, JBCC, Centennial Theatre and City Library closed until further notice. Attention Planning, Development, Permit Applicants & Holders
We've modified some of the our permitting and inspection procedures.

Economy & Employment

A healthy local economy is essential for a sustainable and livable community. A strong economy brings employment and a solid tax base to support services. It leads to healthier lifestyles for individuals and opportunities for personal fulfillment. The promotion of local business can help generate local jobs and decrease the need for long work commutes. Ultimately maintaining a strong and diverse local economy will help the City become a more complete community. Ensuring this happens in a socially sustainable, environmentally healthy manner will be key to success.

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