Targets, Indicators & Monitoring Strategy (TIMS)

With a new Official Community Plan (OCP) in place, a Strategy for monitoring the implementation of the goals and objectives contained in the chapters of the Plan will be developed.

Indicators can be used to measure progress on specific goals and objectives across the range of OCP chapter topics. As part of a monitoring strategy, a set of indicators will provide a snapshot of where the City is heading. Monitoring change in this manner enables the City to evaluate the effectiveness of City actions over time and adjust as needed.

While the indicators will not tell us everything, nor will they be the only tool used to make decisions, they will assist in helping the City move toward its vision.

A TIMS Strategy was developed for the 2002 Official Community Plan. The 2002 OCP TIMS identified 23 indicators to track over 200 goals and objectives in the Plan. A broader review of the 2002 Plan was also completed in 2010 as part of the background work for an update to the OCP, now complete.

Work now has begun on developing the 2014 OCP Targets, Indicators and Monitoring Strategy through Spring 2015.

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