Marine & Fell Paving Closure

June 18, 2021   

As part of Mosquito Creek Bridge Project, Marine Drive and Fell Avenue will be closed for paving over three nights beginning Sunday June 20. The work is taking place at night to limit disruption to business access and the wider road network. The work will be noisy, so to mitigate impacts on adjacent residents, crews will begin each night’s work in the area directly in front of residences on Marine Drive to the east of Mosquito Creek. They will then proceed to the western side of Mosquito Creek later in the evening.

To make paving as efficient as possible, both Marine Drive and Fell Avenue will be closed each night at 8pm until 5am the following morning. Marine Drive will be closed from Hanes Avenue to Bewicke Avenue. Fell Avenue will be closed from 3rd Street to West 16th Street. Suggested detours are shown on the map below. Traffic controllers will do their best to provide access to driveways which front Marine Drive and Fell Avenue during the closures, but access may be limited as work takes place and new asphalt pavement is placed. There is expected to be no impact to pedestrian access.

The Marine Drive and Fell Avenue components of this project are scheduled to be completed at the end of July. Further work will be taking place in the creek utilizing Mosquito Creek lane in August and September. Learn more about the project at

Marine and Fell paving
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