On-Street Recycling

The City provides an on-street recycling program to support recycling of materials in public spaces. Three-stream recycling bins have been installed in prominent locations throughout the community. These containers provide the public with the opportunity to deposit recyclable materials into the street bins. 

The City's recycling units have three separate openings for paper, containers and garbage. The City hopes the convenience of these bins will promote increased recycling in our community, and help reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfill.

New! The City’s on-street recycling bins have been updated!  Now, coffee cups and plastic food containers are accepted in addition to beverage containers.  

City’s on-street recycling bins have been updated

Contact Info

Lianne Shyry
Environmental Technician
Tel: 604-982-3995
Email: lshyry@cnv.org

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