2012 Recipients

School Award (tie)

Brooksbank Grade 4/5 and 5/6 classes, taught by Laurie Reichert and Paul Clarke have been instrumental in maintaining the high level of recycling awareness at the school. The classes also compost food scraps (never an educational chance is missed, with informational notices on the bank of composters close to the school classrooms). The classes are also working with BeeFriendly to replant native species attractive to native bees. The students made temporary bee larvae homes, cared for the larvae over the winter and released the larvae this spring.

The Carson Graham High School Green Team is led by teacher Caroline Pena and has been running for several years with numerous projects. In the last two years, due to renovations, the school has only housed grade 11 & 12 pupils. Therefore, one goal of the team this year was to recruit new continuing students and get them active within the group. Members were particularly successful connecting with their feeder school, Balmoral, and were able to recruit an enthusiastic team. This year's green initiatives included working on waste avoidance in their school, successfully fundraising and initiating school composting, having an eco-friendly fashion show and proposing a school garden.

Community Award

BeeFriendly is an organization run by Ric Erikson and Sharon Lisette aimed at the conservation of native bee populations found in the North Shore area.

BeeFriendly were described by their nominator as "tireless leaders" of the Guardians of the Bees program at Brooksbank Elementary School. BeeFriendly have also formed a Bee Stewards adult group to support and conserve the native and honey bee populations on the North Shore, as well as an outreach presentation program for improving community awareness and education about indigenous bee species in garden clubs and other societies. BeeFriendly were one of the most popular displays at the recent City Earth Day event at Heywood Park. BeeFriendly maintain an informative website at www.BeeFriendly.ca.


Erin O'Connell is a Grade 12 Honour Roll student at Sutherland High School. As an active member of the student council she has been involved in many environmental initiatives through the council. She also served for two years on the School District's Sustainability Leadership Team as the Student Leadership Council representative. As the nominator noted she has "provided excellent leadership in planning and executing environmentally themed events and initiatives that cultivate a sense of community and raise understanding and awareness of environmental concerns through the school district".


The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) have demonstrated significant leadership in environmental responsibility. In 2010, ICBC implemented an Environmental Sustainability Policy to deliver on their commitment to make their business environmentally sustainable. This policy has led to a policy framework and governance structure for sustainability; implementation of a carbon neutral program, including reducing paper consumption, reducing water usage and waste, and reducing energy use in the Corporation's fleet and buildings; implementation of an lSO-aligned environmental management system (identifying and managing environmental risks and being prepared for environmental emergencies); environmental education and awareness for employees and the general public; and the maintenance of a very active Green Team, with 150 employees recently taking part in National Sweater Day to raise awareness about climate change.

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