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The first stage of developing the ISMP will be conducting a public and stakeholder engagement process to identify and prioritize watershed values and goals. This process will be run jointly with the District of North Vancouver, and will include open houses, surveys, and the direct involvement of local First Nations and stewardship groups.

The first round of public and stakeholder engagement, to identify and prioritize watershed values and goals was held February 27, 2014.

The second open house was held on November 25, 2014.

ISMP Advisory Group

The City and District of North Vancouver are seeking volunteers for the ISMP Advisory Group to help shape the future of stormwater, environmental, and land use management across North Vancouver. See ISMP Advisory Group Information

ISMP Advisory Group Meeting, Wednesday, May 13th | 7pm – 9pm. Contact Ben @ for venue location Meeting Topic: Water quality in the Mosquito and Mackay Watersheds, and an ISMP progress update

Please email for more information.

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