Single Family Homes, Duplexes & Townhouses

There are many benefits to making energy efficient upgrades to your home:

  • Save money on energy costs
  • Obtain a higher resale value for your home
  • Increase the comfort of your home
  • Create a healthier home
  • Make your home quieter
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Help the City reach its climate protection targets


New! Incentive programs for energy-saving retrofit projects

EfficiencyBC is an integrated offer of financial incentives, information and support to help households save energy and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by switching to high efficiency heating equipment and making building envelope improvements.

Program details, including specifics on how to apply for funding, are available at the new Efficiency BC website, The website functions as a hub for B.C. homeowners to access tailored information on EfficiencyBC incentives and related utility and local government incentives, as well as decision assistance tools and project coaching services.

EfficiencyBC Website

Free Energy Coaching Services

Not sure where to start? Knowledgeable energy coaches are available by phone and email to help you make decisions about your home energy improvement project. Call 1-844-881-9790 or email to get in touch with an Energy Coach.

Home Energy Efficiency Incentives

Insulation   Up to $600

 Heat Pump
+Top-Up Available for City Residents


Up to $3,000
+ $350 top-up
Total: Up to $3,350
 EnerChoice Fireplace $300
 High Efficiency Water Heater
Up to $1,000
Energy Star Windows and Doors $50/window or door
EnerChoice Fireplace $300
High Efficiency Furnace and Boiler Up to $700
ENERGY STAR Bathroom Fans $25/fan

EnerGuide Home Evaluation Rebate

+ Top-Up Available for City Residents
+$150 top-up
Total: $450

This is just a sampling of the available incentives. For a complete list of eligible upgrades, please refer to:

Contact Info

Larisa Lensink
Environmental Sustainability Specialist
Tel: 604-990-4240

For City permit information for your renovation, please call the Community Services Department at 604-990-4220.

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