City Tree Species

Amanogawa Cherry: Prunus serrulata ‘Amanogawa’. In April and May, the upright branches are covered in large, semi-double, pale pink flowers that are fragrant. Bronze-green foliage turns to mid-green and then bursts into orange and red autumn color. This narrow tree is ideal for limited space for lining street boulevards.

Black Tupelo: Nyssa sylvatica ‘Firestarter’ The narrow growth habit and height justifies the use in a narrow boulevard. The most notable characteristic is the dark green leaves that turn intensively bright red color in the fall. The upright symmetrical form with upsweeping branches make this tree suitable for the urban environment. Persian Ironwood: Parrotia persica ‘Inges Ruby Vase” This cultivar produces red leaves at the tips of the upright branches in the spring that turn dark green in the summer. The flowers are showy red stamens that appear in early spring and the branching make it suitable as a street tree that can be planted under power lines.

Coblestone Oak: Quercus macrocarpa ‘Cobblestone’ This tree is noted for rugged form with unusual corky bark on the trunk and branches which is an attractive aesthetic feature, foliage is a deep green color in summer turning a bright yellow in the fall. The branches form a broadly oval shape upright pyramidal form, tree looks like a mature tree at a young age due to these features.

Crimson Spire Oak: Quercus robur x Q.alba. Large columnar tree with dark green, mildew resistant foliage. Dramatatic red foliage in the fall. 

Hedge Maple: Acer campestre. The hedge maple is a widely adaptable, trouble-free small tree for smaller urban spaces. It has a lovely texture from its rounded, lobed leaves and grows well in tough urban sites. Bright yellow fall colour and ease of pruning place this tree on the list of trees to choose.

Japanaese Snowbell: Styrax japonica. Slightly fragrant, white, bell-shaped flowers hang from strongly horizontal side branches with dark green foliage in early summer. A small tree appropriate for urban use. Foliage turns yellow to red in the fall. Deciduous.

Japanese Tree Lilac: Syringa Reticulata.The Japanese tree lilac is a compact, sturdy tree that has showy, fragrant blooms, is resistant to most pests and diseases, transplants well and grows in a wide range of soil conditions.

Korean Dogwood: Cornus kousa. Commonly called Kousa dogwood, is a small, deciduous flowering tree or multi-stemmed shrub that typically grows 15-30’ tall, with a vase-shaped habit in the early years but eventually maturing to a more rounded form. Bloom occurs in late spring.

Lavelle Hawthorn: Crataegus x lavallei. Lavalle hawthorn is a hardy tree featuring dark green leaves which remain on the tree well into winter. White clusters of flowers appear in late spring and develop into orange-red fruits that are also held through winter. It tolerates dry soil and urban conditions.

Street Keeper Gleditsia: Gleditisia triacanthos. Lacy foliage yet durable and adaptable, tolerating a wide range of soil conditions as well as drought, and road salt, and has a lovely yellow fall color.

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