Delegation Process

"Delegation" is the term used to define the process whereby an individual(s) appears before City Council to make a presentation, enter a request for action, bring Council up to date on a project/idea/concept, or to provide further information on an issue currently before Council for a decision.

The procedure for a member of the public to appear as a delegation is as follows:

  • Submit a written request to the City Clerk (Corporate Officer) by fax (604-985-9417), email or submit a letter or memo to Karla Graham ( or Jennifer Ficocelli (  Please include the subject matter you wish to discuss with Council, complete with all relevant information, and indicate the preferred Council meeting date you wish to attend. Delegations will be scheduled based on availability on a future Council agenda.
  • Your written request will form part of the public record and the Council agenda package.  Therefore, if you do not wish personal information, such as your home phone number or email address to be made public, please do not include that information in your correspondence to the City Clerk.
  • The City Clerk will allocate an appropriate date for your delegation.  Every effort is made to schedule a date as soon as possible; however, this is dependent on various factors in the planning process of upcoming agendas.
  • The City Clerk will respond to your request by telephone or in writing to advise the date of the Council meeting when the delegation is scheduled, the time you should appear, and confirm that the delegation is limited to a 10 minute presentation, regardless of the number of people in the delegation. The City Clerk must be in receipt of any presentation or written materials for distribution to Council no later than noon of the Wednesday prior to the scheduled Council meeting for the delegation.

Those persons appearing before Council as a delegation should be aware of the following matters of protocol: 

  • The Mayor should be addressed as “Your Worship” or “Mayor <surname>”;
  • Council members should be addressed as “Councillor <surname>”;
  • City staff should be addressed either by title, e.g. the City Clerk, Chief Administrative Officer, Director of <Department>, or by name, e.g. "Mr. or Ms. <surname>", respectively
  • All responses to Council or staff must be addressed through the Mayor.

Please note: Your presentation to Council will be audio and video recorded and posted on the City’s website, and forms part of the public record.

It is understandable that delegates may be nervous when speaking before Council. The Mayor and Council members try to set a comfortable and welcoming environment for all persons in attendance and encourage your participation.

The opportunity to appear as a delegation is at the privilege of Council, so use the time wisely to make succinct and clear points.  Upon completion of your presentation, Council may ask questions if they feel clarification is necessary.

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