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Rogers Hometown Hockey Comes to the City
It’s official. We’re hosting the Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour at our Shipyards in March.

Strategic & Corporate Services

Strategic & Corporate Services incorporates Facilities & Real Estate, Human Resources, Information Technology, Strategic Initiatives and Strategic & Business Planning.

Facilities & Real Estate provides a full range of real estate and facilities management services for City-owned and City-leased properties and building assets through sustainable, efficient and cost-effective facilities and properties that support the City’s programs and services to meet present day requirements as well as planning for future civic and community needs.

Human Resources is responsible for recruitment, benefits administration, job evaluation, salary administration, organizational development, occupational health and safety, labour relations, employee training and development, employee recognition and wellness.  This includes fostering harmonious employee and union management relations and provides progressive and responsive services that are consistent with prevailing collective agreements, legislation and policies. 

Information Technology delivers customer-focused technology services for solutions that contribute to the City’s business objectives.  This is achieved by providing technology leadership, innovation and information technology governance, together with reliable and secure information technology services.

Strategic Initiatives leads existing and emerging large scale public development initiatives and that require close collaboration with internal and external stakeholders and partners. 

Strategic & Business Planning leads the organization’s strategic and business planning processes to ensure that the City is supported through the review and evaluation of plans that are developed and implemented to achieve consistent and clear goals and objectives over the term of the current Council.


Contact info

Barbara Pearce - Director, Strategic & Corporate Services
Phone: 604-982-3962

Heather Reinhold - Deputy Director, Strategic Initiatives & Services
Phone: 604-982-3909

Vacant - Manager, Facilities and Real Estate

Corinne Nichols - Manager, Human Resources
Phone: 604-982-3928

General Human Resources Inquiries
Phone: 604-983-7349

Gary Munro - Manager, Information Technology
Phone: 604-982-3912

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