Community Services

Community Services is responsible for the issuance of business licenses, construction permits, Bylaw Services and Animal Control. 

Business Services

The Business Services Division is responsible for administering the City’s Business Licence Bylaw, 2004, No.7584 and being the main liaison with businesses in the community. The main areas of responsibility are:

Bylaw Services

Bylaw Services is responsible for the enforcement of the City’s bylaws. Bylaw Officers work to educate the community about bylaws, enforce fairly and consistently and resolve any bylaw conflicts in a collaborative way. The main areas of enforcement are:

Development Services

Development Services is responsible for administering the City’s Bylaws relating to development and the public realm. This team coordinates the City’s interests including:

  • Engineering Servicing
    • Sanitary
    • Storm
    • Water
    • Roads, Lanes and Signage
    • Sidewalks, Curb and Gutter
    • Street Lighting
    • Street Trees and Landscaping
    • Outside Municipal Utilities
  • Parks
    • Dedications/Acquisition
    • Improvements to park facilities
  • Environment
    • Streamside protection
  • Zoning items relating to Public Realm Setbacks
  • Subdivision

Permits & Inspections

The Permits and Inspections Division is responsible for the processing of applications for the issuing of building, electrical and plumbing permits including all relevant inspections.

Contact Info

Permit Inquiries
Tel: 604-983-7355

Business Licensing
Tel: 604-983-7356

Director, Community Services
Tel: 604-983-7374
Email: add 

Manager, Inspections
John de Ruiter
Tel: 604-983-7374

Manager, Business Services
Larry Orr
Tel: 604-982-3913

Manager, Bylaw Services
Larry Orr
Tel: 604-982-3913

Manager, Development Services
Matthew Holm
Tel: 604-983-7332

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