Sister City - Chiba City, Japan

Since 1969, the City of North Vancouver has enjoyed a rewarding sister city relationship with Chiba, Japan based on mutual respect and appreciation for one another's city, citizens, culture and traditions.

About Chiba
Located just east of Tokyo, the prefecture of Chiba occupies a peninsula jutting into the Pacific. Warmed by the Kuroshio current, the district enjoys a moderate climate, even in the winter, and takes pride in its agricultural and fishing industries. Chiba is famous for the Chiba Urban Monorail, the longest hanging monorail in the world, as published in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Enduring Tradition
Sister city relationships have been an important part of government programming for over 40 years. Many municipalities throughout the Lower Mainland and across the country have fostered and maintained positive sister city relationships with cities all over the world.

The City of North Vancouver and Chiba City twinning relationship is unique in that it is the longest standing, most established among local municipalities. Some municipalities have sought to establish multiple sister cities, but the City of North Vancouver has chosen to develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Chiba. It is a tradition that has depended on and requires the continued support of both cities.

Educational Exploration
Year after year, youth throughout the City of North Vancouver and Chiba continue to reap many great rewards of a sister city relationship. Since the inception of the program, thousands of youths have enjoyed the benefits of organized educational and cultural exchanges.

The North Shore School District has taken an active role in promoting these exchanges, demonstrating their commitment and belief that such endeavours provide youth in the City with a unique opportunity: to explore a world outside their community, establish lasting friendships, and gain skills that will help them achieve their professional goals. As the participants in this unique program mature and their responsibilities grow, each will remember the opportunities they were given to explore and connect with another culture.

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