Safe & Active School Travel Program

Together with North Vancouver School District (NVSD), the City of North Vancouver’s Safe and Active School Travel Program (SASTP) encourages safe and healthy school travel habits through outreach and improvements to the transportation infrastructure around schools. The program was launched at Queensbury Elementary in 2014 and has expanded to include nine schools.

The benefits of walking or biking to school are numerous:
  • More alert, focused, healthier and happier children
  • Long lasting healthy habits for children
  • Reduced traffic issues surrounding schools
  • More family-oriented neighbourhoods, which allow for an increased sense of community
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution

The SASTP program looks at current transportation issues (such as unsafe crossing conditions and barriers to active transportation) and opportunities (such as existing pedestrian and bicycle paths) around each school.

Best routes to schools: Maps and brochures were prepared in cooperation with school staff, parents, students, and CNV staff:

In 2013, we asked families about their school travel habits. The survey was done in partnership with North Vancouver School District and the District of North Vancouver. The results helped identify safe travel routes, minimize safety issues around schools, and facilitate programs that encourage walking and cycling to school. See: School Travel Survey Results.

In 2015, stakeholders from each of the North Shore municipalities took part in a workshop to address the need for more solutions regarding safe and active school travel. A number of ideas and plans were shared.

Related Programs

Cycling Education

The City has funded cycling education for up to three schools per year since 2012. Providing cycling education at an early age is essential to ensuring children are cycling safely for the rest of their lives. It also gives children and their families the confidence to start cycling as a means of recreation, exercise and transportation, which could lead to a lifelong love for cycling. In the 2016/2017 school year, staff piloted an expansion of the program to provide cycling education to all Grade 6 students in public and private elementary schools within the City. All Grade 6 students participated in an in-class workshop and building sessions in a simulation course on school grounds and on the road.

Bike to School Week

Bike to School Week and Bike to Work Week take place during last week of May each year. Watch for daily events and festivities such as bike rodeos and special guests at the schools and throughout the City. Learn more:


School Travel Survey Results

In 2013 1586 families from 26 North Vancouver elementary schools took part in a school travel survey. Survey results have helped the City and District of North Vancouver, the North Vancouver School District, and individual schools understand what influences how families choose to get their children to school.

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