Utility Discount Information

What’s happening? In previous years, the City of North Vancouver has given a 5% discount on utility bills which were paid in full by the discount date. Starting in 2020, this discount has been applied to the initial fees, thereby giving the discount to all residents. A 5% penalty will now apply to utility bills that are not paid in full and on time.

Why? There is an increasing number of stratas and rental building owners that invoice utilities to individual unit owners/renters. The rebate can create confusion regarding the City net cost of water and sewer services, and the allocation of the cost and discount to individual users.

What’s the impact? There is no change to the total amount to be paid by customers, provided that the bills are paid on time. The change will increase transparency as the rate stated in the bylaw will be the rate paid by customers paying by the due date.

The example table below illustrates how your 2020 Utility Bill will look this year.


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