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Secondary Suites & Coach Houses

Coach HouseOn February 20, 2017, Council adopted Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 8529 to allow both a secondary suite and a coach house on lots zoned for single family development. Secondary suites and coach houses provide much needed ground-oriented rental housing in the City, often in neighbourhoods that are close to schools, parks, and other community amenities. Secondary suites and coach houses also allow homeowners to better meet the needs of extended family by accommodating them on-site, in addition to being mortgage helpers should homeowners decide to rent the accessory units.

Q: Can I have both a secondary suite and a coach house on my property?
Q: What is the maximum Gross Floor Area for single family properties?


Secondary Suites

The City legalized secondary suites in all single family dwellings in 1993 to increase rental options in lower density neighbourhoods. Secondary suites are self-contained units that are part of a principal dwelling. By taking a moment to review the proper procedures associated with secondary suites, you will preempt any safety concerns or legal issues.

Q: How do I add a secondary suite to my principal dwelling?
Q: If I add a secondary suite and/or coach house, how will the unit be addressed?
Q: What servicing upgrades are required to have a secondary suite and/or coach house?
Q: Will adding a secondary suite and/or coach house have property tax implications?
Q: Does the City collect additional fees for a secondary suite and/or coach house?

Coach Houses

Coach houses provide a unique detached housing option for residents of the City and were approved in 2010 following an extended process with Council and the public. A Development Permit is required for coach house developments to secure the form and character of the coach house, ensuring it is respectful in massing and character with surrounding buildings. 

Q: What is the process to add a coach house to my property?
Q: Do I need to apply for both a Development Permit and Building Permit to build a coach house? 
Q: What happens if my coach house does not comply with the Accessory Coach House Development Permit Guidelines or the Zoning Bylaw?

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