Requirements for Part 9 Buildings Received Prior to December 15 2017

For Single Family Houses, Duplexes and Residential Buildings 4 Storeys & Under

As of December 19, 2014, applications for building permits must comply with the new requirements for energy efficiency in housing, small commercial and industrial buildings. The BC Building Code update (Section 9.36 and Section 9.32) includes requirements for the building envelope, space heating and cooling equipment, ventilation, and service water heating equipment.

BC Building Code Section 9.36 submission requirements

There are multiple pathways to compliance with the Part 9 energy efficiency regulations. Projects must demonstrate compliance with one of the pathways indicated below. As part of this update, the verification submission includes new information on the drawing package along with a Design Verification Report and supporting documentation.

Cellar or other floor area exclusions, as applicable

As indicated below, the performance-based compliance pathway overlaps with the documentation required for cellar exclusion or other floor space exclusions. Building Permit applications for new construction must reach an EnerGuide commitment to qualify for the cellar exclusions or for other floor space exclusions, as applicable. Bylaw 8122 makes EnerGuide 80 the new minimum to qualify for the cellar exclusions or other floor space exclusions, and it is part of a comprehensive effort to encourage more energy efficient buildings in the City of North Vancouver.

The EnerGuide label is backed by the Government of Canada and shows consumers that a trusted, independent expert has evaluated the home.

The following process flow chart outlines the submission requirements for homes seeking to meet the 2012 BC Building Code Energy Requirements and the EnerGuide standard in return for cellar floor space exclusion or other bonus floor space, as applicable to the Zone:

Design Verification Report Design Verification Report House Performance Report Pre Construction House Performance Report Letter of Credit GuidelinesYour first step to building a more energy efficient home or building is to contact a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) by contacting one of the following service organizations in BC:

Canadian Home Builders' Association of British Columbia
Contact: Vanessa Joehl
Email: vanessa@chbabc
Phone: 604-432-7112 (x314)

City Green Solutions Society
Contact: Torsten Ely
Phone: 604-255-5734

DW Energy Advisors Inc.
Contact: Wayne Galaugher
Phone: 604-465-1822

Total Home Solutions Ltd.
Contact: Scott T. Hilder
Phone: 604-639-4418

Please be sure to check the BC Hydro Power Smart New Home Program to see what incentives are available for your project. Significant incentives are available for achieving an EnerGuide rating of 80 and above, and for certain appliances and equipment.

For more information about building and developing in the City, please contact City Hall at 604-985-7761.

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