Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre

Since previous Council direction in July 23, 2018, staff and consultants have continued with detailed design and refined costing of the HJCRC facility and program. In November 2018, Council requested that staff consider additional risk mitigation and cost containing strategies. A report was generated for Council’s consideration at the March 4, 2019 Council meeting, which included several cost reduction and risk mitigation measures.

Subsequent to that, on April 9, 2019, Council passed a resolution directing staff to develop a community recreation strategy. As a result, a broader review of recreational space, both indoor and outdoor, across the City of North Vancouver will be undertaken. The community recreation strategy will identify opportunities for a more holistic and efficient use of all recreational space across the City of North Vancouver – including the Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre Project. In addition to developing a community recreation strategy, staff will create guidelines for community amenity space use to ensure optimal utilization of all City-owned spaces and identify opportunities for multi-use facilities.

The Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre project was budgeted at approximately $200 million and presented significant financial risk for taxpayers. The project’s final scope and cost also highlighted the need for more holistic planning to ensure all community amenities and facilities are being used efficiently and to their maximum potential. 

We understand the decision to incorporate the HJCRC project as part of upcoming community recreation strategy may generate questions. Since April 2017, city staff have sought public input through an in-depth public engagement process, including four public input sessions, a survey, review of individual correspondence, as well as multiple meeting with several stakeholder groups to understand their aspirations for the new centre. Moving forward, the City of North Vancouver is committed to continuing these important conversations with the public and stakeholders and incorporating all prior consultation work into the upcoming review. 

We look forward to keeping you updated throughout this process.

Review Council agenda for Monday, May 13th.
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