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Busking in the City

Buskers and street performers are welcome in the City of North Vancouver. Musicians, magicians, dancers, artists, jugglers and other performers can showcase their talents in public spaces throughout the City.

We are committed to providing a safe and accessible environment for buskers, businesses and residents and offer the following guidelines:

  • No amplified music, voice or sound is permitted (as per Noise Bylaw No. 5819). The City does allow amplification for special events, however a permit is required and the performance area is limited.
  • Busking is limited to the hours of 9am to 9pm.
  • Buskers must ensure access to sidewalks and storefronts is not blocked.
  • Busking in the same location should be limited. Buskers are encouraged to regularly change locations so that the entertainment can be shared throughout the community.
  • Buskers are allowed to busk in any public area or space. Busking should contribute to the appeal of the surrounding environment and not disrupt nearby businesses or residents.
  • If you receive a complaint from the public or if a business owner asks that you not busk in front of their store, be courteous and move to another location.
  • A business licence or permit is not required to busk.
  • The sale of materials is prohibited without a business licence.

For more information, contact Bylaw Services at 604.982-8302 or email

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