Foot of Lonsdale

The Foot of Lonsdale has undergone a major transformation and is almost complete. We are currently finalizing construction and operations of the open space features and anticipate being fully open later this summer.

Construction has been underway since 2014 and has included the following scope of work:

  • Subsurface Improvements:
    • Removal of the existing 1909 deck structure that comprised the eastern portion of the site
    • Removal of the Cates Shed structure
    • Site remediation
    • Construction of a seismic wall to define a new shoreline edge and allow for the new public open space and Polygon Gallery
  • Public Open Space:
    • Creation of an inviting public open space directly at the Foot of Lonsdale;
    • Integration of the Spirit Trail as a defining feature through the site;
    • Integration of outdoor dining area for the Coppersmith Shop (Tap & Barrel Restaurant);
    • Integration of the Cates Deck area as public gathering area;
    • Creation of the MEGABENCH and waterfront walkway
    • Creation of a plaza water feature with bubblers, rippling water and natural boulders that transitions, when dry, into a gathering area for small events. The City received a $400,000 donation from the Richardson
    • Pedestrian and vehicular improvements to Carrie Cates Court and Lonsdale
  • Polygon Gallery:
    • The City has partnered with the Polygon Gallery for delivery of the building. The Polygon Gallery will help to animate the site and build economic vitality along our waterfront.


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Contact Info

Barbara Pearce
Director, Strategic & Corporate Services
Tel: 604-982-3962

Heather Reinhold
Deputy Director, Strategic Initiatives
Tel: 604.982.3909

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