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The City is committed to an open two-way communication with residents and businesses and encourages everyone to participate in the public process by getting involved and offering feedback on community matters. Your input is important and we look forward to hearing your views.

At the same time, the City is working to keep you up-to-date on various community projects and initiatives.

Here's how you can stay connected with the City:

City Website

The City's website is an excellent information resource and provides convenient online services to help you stay connected.

Council Meetings

Find out what the City is doing to enhance your community with the latest Council meeting schedules, agendas and reports available online. Attend a weekly meeting or view a live web broadcast of the meeting from the comfort of your own home. If you miss a broadcast or meeting, access minutes and video clips online.

Public Hearings & Town Hall Meetings

Do you have an idea or concern about an issue that may affect your community, property or interests? Attend a monthly public hearing or special town hall meeting to present your comments and views on issues such as bylaw changes, rezoning and development.

Workshops & Open Houses

Attend a public workshop and/or open house to provide your input and be a part of the planning and design process for major City initiatives.

Be a Delegate

Take an active role in your community's development. Make an appointment to appear as a delegate and make a 10-minute presentation to Council on a particular project or issue.

Public Input Period at Council

Take advantage of the opportunity to speak directly to Council. At the beginning of each Council meeting, a maximum of five people can speak for two minutes each on a specific community issue.

Join a Committee

Volunteer for a committee and help ensure the City is continually served by the best policies, services and programs. Contribute your time and expertise and help shape your community. With prior notification, the public is also welcome to attend committee meetings.


Sign up for CityConnect email notifications. Subscribe to one or more areas of the City website to be notified of updates.

Community Feedback Form

Tell us what you think. Use our Community Feedback Form to provide comments or suggestions on a City-related topic.

City Videos

Check out the City's online videos, with clips ranging from sustainability tips and climate action to events and City projects.


Visit the official City of North Vancouver Facebook page for the latest information about City news and events.


Visit the official City of North Vancouver Twitter page for the latest Tweets about City news and events.

Community Events Calendar

Check our weekly listing of community events, including cultural festivals, concerts and charity fundraisers. Organizations can submit an online events profile to let the community know about an interesting upcoming event.

CityView eNews

Our CityView news has gone digital. Sign up here, and stay informed about important City issues, projects and events, with a weekly email delivered to your inbox get every Thursday.

News Releases

Visit our archive of news releases for announcements about City developments, events, awards and issues. Many news releases contain links to additional information and relevant background material.

City Publications

Access documents such as the Official Community Plan, Community Profile, Strategic Plan and Social Plan.

Mayor Mussatto on Facebook

Mayor Mussatto's Facebook page keeps you on top of what's happening in the City of North Vancouver, where he'll be next and how to participate in discussions with Mayor Mussatto and other community members on a variety of topics.

Meetings With Mayor Mussatto

Mayor Mussatto is committed to an open and responsive local government, and aims to create an inclusive and welcoming environment at City Hall. Members of the public are invited to meet with Mayor Mussatto at City Hall on a regular basis to discuss concerns, issues or provide suggestions. To book an appointment, please contact JessicaHodgins at 604-998-3280 or book an appointment online at

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