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North Vancouver Museum & Archives Commission

Purpose: To serve as sole custodian of the City and District of North Vancouver's cultural, archival and museum collection, and facilitate and encourage a broad array of museum and archival services.

Terms of office: Four City appointees serve 2 consecutive terms of 3 years each (Maximum 6 years).

For more information, visit the North Vancouver Museum & Archives website.

Commission Meetings

Committee and Appointees, Meeting Schedule

Committee Museum & Archives Commission

Victor Elderton (DNV) Chair
Justin Beveridge (CNV)
James Fox (CNV)
Dee Dhaliwal (CNV)
Derek Hamill (CNV)
Ginette Handfield (DNV)
Terry Hood (DNV)
Jonathan Ehling (DNV)
Terry McAlduff (Friends of NVMA Society Rep)

Councillor Councillor Bell (CNV)
Councillor Forbes (DNV)
Day 1st Thursday of the month
Time 5:30 pm
Notes Term ends Dec 31st
Committee Clerk:
Staff Representative:
Laurel Lawry, Secretary
Wesley Wenhardt, Director
Phone 604-990-3700 ext. 8002
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