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North Vancouver City Library Board

Purpose: To manage, regulate and control the library service, and carry out responsibilities associated with maintaining and supporting the existing library.

Terms of office: Eight members serve a two-year term to a maximum of 4 terms concluding December 31st.

Committee Meetings

Committee and Appointees, Meeting Schedule

Committee North Vancouver City Library Board
Members Stephen Smith, Chair
Ami Hazfi, Vice Chair
Elisabeth Walker-Young, Finance Chair
Emma Mendez, Trustee
Nadia Mallay, Trustee
Leane Neufeld, Trustee
Parveen Somji, Trustee
Gillian Quigley, Trustee
Councillor Councillor McIlroy
Day 3rd Thursday
Time 6:00 pm
Notes Term ends Dec 31st
Committee Clerk / Staff Rep. Leanne Wright, Manager of Administrative Services
Phone 604-998-3489
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