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North Vancouver City Library Board

Purpose: To manage, regulate and control the library service, and carry out responsibilities associated with maintaining and supporting the existing library.

Terms of office: Eight members serve a two-year term to a maximum of 4 terms concluding December 31st.

Committee Meetings

Committee and Appointees, Meeting Schedule

Committee North Vancouver City Library Board
Members Stephen Smith, Chair
Trevor Wiebe, Vice Chair
Dorothy Watters, Finance Chair
Ian Bateson, Trustee
Nadia Mallay, Trustee
Leane Neufeld, Trustee
Ros Guggi, Trustee
Gillian Quigley, Trustee
Councillor Councillor McIlroy
Day 3rd Thursday
Time 6:00 pm
Notes Term ends Dec 31st
Committee Clerk / Staff Rep. Leanne Wright, Manager of Administrative Services
Phone 604-998-3489
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