Esplanade Complete Street

Construction Update
During construction along Esplanade between Lonsdale and St Georges, crews encountered unforeseen underground repair work that needs to be done before we continue with the above ground upgrades. This section of Esplanade will remain closed so we can keep vehicles off the surface of the road while we complete the underground repairs.

We’re redesigning Esplanade to create a safer, more comfortable experience for pedestrians and cyclists, while maintaining sufficient road capacity for transit, trucks and passenger vehicles.

We’ve taken a Complete Street approach to ensure that we consider people of all ages and abilities, support all modes of transportation, maintain access to local businesses and create a new experience that feels vibrant and welcoming. 

Esplanade Complete Street project area

The new design for Esplanade was created after an extensive community consultation process, along with guidance from Council-approved policy, including our Safe Mobility Strategy. Throughout this process, safety was identified as the single most important issue to be addressed when reimagining the corridor.

Once complete, Esplanade will include:

  • Protected mobility lanes
  • Two travel lanes in each direction
  • Curbside areas for passenger pick-up, drop-off and deliveries
  • Wider sidewalks, more street trees and places for people to sit and gather

Construction Schedule and Updates

Phase One

Construction will happen in two phases. Phase one is underway and includes work on Esplanade between Mahon and St Andrews. Expected completion for Phase One is early Summer 2022. 

What’s Happening Now

Construction is currently underway between Lonsdale and St Georges and between Mahon and Chesterfield.

At both locations:

  • Vehicle traffic is restricted to one lane in each direction.
  • Heavy vehicles are not required to use alternate routes.
  • Pedestrians may travel on both sides of the street but may encounter unfinished conditions in some areas. Optional detours will be provided.

Between Lonsdale and St Georges:

  • Bike lanes will be maintained in both directions through the work area.
  • On-street parking between Lonsdale and St Georges is unavailable while construction is underway.

Between Mahon and Chesterfield:

  • Street and pedestrian lights on the south side will be disconnected while poles are refurbished and placed in new positions. The north side remains lit and lights at intersections remain operational.
  • Left turns will be mostly maintained at Chesterfield. There may be an occasional need to restrict left turns for short periods of time.
  • Bike lanes will be maintained eastbound through the work area.
  • Cyclists travelling westbound will be directed to merge with traffic for a half block between Chesterfield and Semisch. An optional detour is available by travelling north on Chesterfield to 1st Street.

During construction, every effort will be made to minimize impacts on neighbouring residents, businesses and roadway users. One travel lane in each direction will remain open at all times, along with a clear bicycle route in each direction. 

Throughout the construction schedule, the City is committed to:

  • Maintaining safe access to businesses and residential buildings
  • Ensuring safe routes for people walking and cycling through the area
  • Proactively managing traffic and noise impacts
  • Providing access to parking within parkades in the project area
  • Providing regular project updates


During construction, on-street parking will be unavailable on blocks with active construction. There are many nearby parking options, with over 2,000 parking spaces available in parkades within a 3 minute walk of Esplanade.

Lower Lonsdale parking map

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