Cycling Projects

The City is working to improve the bicycle route network and provide facilities to encourage cycling. There are now 51km of marked and signed bicycle facilities in the City of North Vancouver as well as bicycle facilities at 10 key intersections.

Ongoing Projects

Completed Capital Projects 2015 to 2018

  • Green Necklace
  • West Keith Road / 13th Street completed Feb 2018
  • Harbourside West Overpass - ped/bike bridge including the signal at 1st and Mackay
  • 2nd & Bewicke intersection - installed bike box on the south leg
  • 2nd & 3rd Street - cyclist push button
  • 3rd Street bike lanes (Kennard to Queensbury)
  • 3rd & Fell - cyclist push buttons
  • 4th Street Bikeway (Heywood to Forbes)
  • 13th Street (Chesterfield to Lonsdale), bike sharrow and bike lane
  • 13th & Chesterfield - cyclist push buttons
  • 23rd & Lonsdale - cyclist push buttons
  • Bewicke Greenway
  • Chesterfield Avenue Cycling Improvements
  • Cotton Road at Brooksbank - widening to provide a bike lane at the intersection
  • Esplanade (St Georges to St Andrews) - finished construction of bike lanes
  • Esplanade (Lonsdale to Rogers) - completed construction of bike lane on the north side
  • Esplanade & Chesterfield - cyclist push buttons
  • Esplanade (Lonsdale to Chesterfield) - bike lanes on the south side.
  • Esplanade & St Georges - cyclist push buttons
  • West 3rd Street & Forbes Avenue - bike lanes / Multi use path
  • Larson Crescent (Larson Road to Jones Ave) - bike lanes
  • Larson Road (from Fell to 19th) - bike lanes
  • Low Level Road Project improvements to bicycle facilities. This project was lead by Port Metro Vancouver.
  • Mackay Creek overpass - replaced an old substandard bridge
  • Mackay/Hamilton (1st to Marine) - bike lane/shared curb lane
  • Mackay Bike Route (north of Marine)
  • Marine (Mackay to Fell) - bike lanes
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