Harbourside On-Street Parking Management

Beginning in late June 2019, new 4-hour time restricted parking will be introduced in the Harbourside neighbourhood. These parking changes will be applied to all unrestricted blocks in the area. This change will help to improve access and availability of on-street parking by increasing parking turnover and encouraging the use of the off-street parking supply.



In the Harbourside area, finding on-street parking in the absence of parking restrictions is challenging due to high occupancies and very low turnover. As this area continues to develop, appropriate management of limited curbside parking is necessary to provide predictable and convenient access, reduce emissions caused by circling, and alleviate safety issues resulting from frustration.

In 2016, Council endorsed a parking management strategy to slowly transition Harbourside from unrestricted to time-restricted and pay parking. The implementation of 4-hour parking restrictions is the first step in that strategy. As the Harbourside lands develop, paid parking on development frontages will be introduced, complementing existing time-restrictions. Additional pay parking may be considered by the City based on parking demand which will be monitored on an ongoing basis. 

Through effective curbside management and regulations, the City will work to ensure the availability of parking in the Harbourside neighbourhood. As this area continues to grow and develop, more curbside management tools will be introduced to ensure curb-space is most effectively used and meets the City’s broader transportation objectives.

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Email: cityparking@cnv.org

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