Cloverley Neighbourhood Traffic Calming

The City of North Vancouver has been working with the Cloverley community since 2016 to mitigate shortcutting on local roads.   This community is subject to proportionately high increases in eastbound vehicle volume on incident days as short cutters attempt to skip the queues on 3rd Street and Keith Road to reach Highway 1.  Work with the community has included engagement, workshops, data collection, implementation of measures in two phases and results monitoring.


Project Outcomes

Prior to implementation of the first phase of measures, 4th Street east of Queensbury Avenue and Heywood Street were the roads with the greatest amount of shortcutting activity. Following implementation of the initial measures in 2017, shortcutting volumes shifted to 5th and 6th Streets. A final set of measures was implemented in summer 2018 which included the conversion of several blocks into one-way streets. As a result, some streets observed decreased traffic volumes, while other streets experienced increased traffic volumes. Data collection throughout the project has revealed that the overall number of short cutters has not decreased and instead, a new pattern of neighbourhood shortcutting has been established in response to the regulatory and physical access management measures.


Public Meetings & Engagement

The City hosted a public meeting on January 29th, 2019 to present the findings and explain next steps. The meeting was well attended with close to 100 participants. Residents had the opportunity to ask questions and share remarks on process, results, experiences with the measures and next steps. A second meeting was hosted on February 27th, 2019 to accommodate the residents that were unable to attend the first meeting. Over 25 residents participated in the second meeting. Immediately after the second public meeting, the City opened a resident survey to learn about community level support, satisfaction with current measures, tolerance for further restrictions, and consideration for on-going interchange projects. The survey was mailed to 444 addresses, and was also available online. The City received 178 survey responses.


Project Outcome Summary

Public Presentation January 29, 2019
Traffic Data Summary Before Plan Implementation 2016/2017
Traffic Data Summary After Plan Implementation 2018


Next Steps

  • Public Information Session: June 4th 6:30-8pm | CIty Hall Council Chambers
    A meeting to share the results of the March 2019 survey and the recommended next steps for the Cloverley Traffic Calming plan.
  • Council Meeting: June 10th 6pm |CIty Hall Council Chambers
    Staff will present a report to Council on the traffic calming process, findings and recommended next steps for Council consideration.
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