Child Care

In 2009, the City adopted a  Child Care Policy and Plan to provide an overall framework and specific actions to be implemented to help support child care facilities in the City of North Vancouver.

In 2017 / 2018, the City will be updating the existing Child Care Policy and Plan, replacing it with a new Child Care Strategy.

Phase 1 - Needs Analysis

Childcare Phase 1 Needs Analysis City of NV

Phase 1 for this project is a Needs Analysis, which is completed and available here.

Hint:  If you want a quick summary, there is an Executive Summary at the beginning of the report (page 9) and key points for each of section of the report.

  • The Needs Analysis Report presents information about:
  • Population profile of the City’s child population (information about ages, trends, etc.).
  • Profile of childcare programs (types of programs, capacities, neighbourhood distribution, and waitlists).
  • Childhood vulnerabilities (as measured by the Early Development Instrument) and socio-economic demographics.
  • Findings from a survey of parents and guardians in the City (November 2017; nearly 400 respondents), and a survey of child care providers in the City (November 2017; approximately one-third of child care providers responded).

What is Happening Now?

Phase 2 of this project is taking place in winter and spring of 2018. 


The City is engaging key stakeholder agency staff, parents, community members and child care providers. The meetings were held in February and March, The purpose of these meetings was: 

  1. To share what the City has learned about child care need so far, and to discuss participants perspectives and experiences to ‘round out’ the understanding about child care in the community; and
  2. To solicit information and discussion that informs the development of the City’s child care strategy.

Here is report on the input that the City heard.  Hint:  If you want a quick summary, there is an Executive Summary at the beginning of the report (page 5), and “at a glance” summary boxes in each of section of the report.


The City will be developing the strategy and aim for completion in Summer 2018.

How can City residents get involved?

A summary of the input that the City heard to inform the child care strategy will be posted here soon. Stay tuned.

Contact Info

Heather Evans
Community Planner
Tel: 604-982-3993

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