Public Education & Fire Hall Tours

We offer free guided tours of the Fire Hall to youth organizations such as Scouts, Girl Guides, and Schools (Kindergarten to Grade 7) located in the City of North Vancouver.

Firefighter Career

Opportunities are available for individuals with a strong commitment to public safety and support programs that aim to raise community awareness for fire safety. Join the Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should there be a fire drill in my building? [+]
Who is responsible for deciding occupancy loads of a building or room? [+]
What is a Comfort Letter and is one necessary? [+]
How do I submit a Fire Safety Plan? [+]
How do I apply for a liquor license? [+]
Who inspects car seats? [+]
How do I find info on emergency preparedness? [+]
Where can I pay a violation ticket? [+]
What steps should I take after a fire? [+]
Where do I find information about a past fires, accidents, or incidents the Fire Department has attended (Freedom of Information request)? [+]
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