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The goal in Metro Vancouver's regional Integrated Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan is to reduce waste generated and aspire to recycle 80% of the region's waste by 2020. The impending closure of the Cache Creek Landfill will cause regional garbage disposal costs to rise significantly in the coming years. A significant reduction in garbage along with an increase in recycling must be achieved to help mitigate rising garbage disposal costs. To accomplish this, the City will assist businesses in accessing recycling and waste reduction services and will improve management of street garbage to separate recyclables such as newspapers and beverage containers. To help pay for these efforts the City has implemented an Eco-Levy for all property owners under the City's Solid Waste Utility.

The Eco-Levy ensures that both residential and non-residential property owners share costs associated with efforts to reduce garbage and the services that are available to both sectors, such as the North Shore Recycling Drop-off Depot. Previously, the Solid Waste Utility was funded exclusively through residential levies.

Eco-Levy Implementation

The Eco-Levy appears as a line item on your annual Property Tax statement and is based on the assessed value of the property. The estimated annual Eco-Levy for some typical properties in the City of North Vancouver is illustrated in the chart below.

Sector Annual Eco-Levy
Residential Property $28
Major Industrial Property $367
Sample Large Commercial ($20,000,000 assessed value) $1,978
Sample Small Commercial ($500,000 assessed value) $49

Contact Info

Caroline Jackson
Section Manager, Environmental Sustainability

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