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Bear & Wildlife Awareness

The North Shore mountains are prime black bear habitat, and from spring until late fall many bears move down into urban neighbourhoods in search of food. While most of the bear activity is in the upper portions of the Districts of North and West Vancouver, on occasion some bears do move down into the City of North Vancouver through our forested ravines.

The City of North Vancouver is a member of the North Shore Black Bear Network (NSBBN), which is a partnership of the three North Shore municipalities, other communities in the Lower Mainland, the North Shore Black Bear Society (a non-profit Society of North Shore volunteers) and the Conservation Officers Service. The Network provides an opportunity for sharing ideas about how to prevent and reduce human-bear encounters in our communities.

Learn how you can maintain a healthy and efficient compost bin to prevent odours that can attract bears.

Managing Bear Attractants

Bears have a keen sense of smell and are easily attracted to improperly managed garbage and Green Cans. To you, garbage stinks but to a bear it means dinner! Garbage is the number one bear attractant in residential areas. If you manage or remove the bear attractants on your property you will greatly reduce the chance of attracting bears.

Simple, but effective steps to help reduce interactions with bears:

  • Store your garbage and Green Can indoors or in a secure enclosure
  • Freeze your smelly food scraps (like chicken and fish)
  • Place garbage and Green Can at the curb only on the morning of your pick-up day, before 7:30am
  • Remove bird feeders between April and November
  • Keep your garbage, Green Can and barbeque clean
  • Feed pets indoors
  • Pick fruit as it ripens
  • Compost responsibly

Residents are reminded that the City's Solid Waste Management Service Bylaw 6920, requires that all garbage and Green Can be safely stored so they are not accessible by wildlife.

Tips to keep your food waste bear-friendly (PDF).

If you encounter a bear:

  • Stay calm
  • Stand still - Do Not Run!
  • Speak calmly
  • Slowly back away

Usually bears are just passing through looking for food, if the bear finds no food source it will move on. Keep away and give the bear lots of space. If possible take your pets and children indoors.

If you see a bear in your neighbourhood, report the sighting to the North Shore Bear Hotline:
604-990-BEAR (2327).

If the bear is threatening, persistent or aggressive call a Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277 or the RCMP at 911.

More information on "bear-proofing" your property

Wildlife Awareness

The North Shore is home to many different species of wildlife - including cougars, coyotes, skunks, raccoons and rodents. For questions or concerns about wildlife in the City, please contact the following agencies:

Coyotes / Cougars / Wildlife Violations
Ministry of Environment 24-hour wildlife line at 1-800-663-9453

Aggressive Coyotes
Provincial Conservation Officer at 1-877-952-7277

Pest Control (skunks, raccoons)
AAA Wildlife at 604-685-6888 or 604-988-8024

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority at 604-983-6700

Dead Crows, Ravens or Jays
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority at 604-983-6700

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