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Zero Waste Programs

Zero Waste Coach

Do you need recycling or organics support for your building? The City’s Zero Waste Coach provides resources and support to help increase recycling and food scraps diversion in your building. Food scraps are now banned from Metro Vancouver landfills which means you should be putting your food scraps in your building's green cart.

Save money spent on garbage services and help reduce your building’s waste. The Zero Waste Coach can visit your building to assess your recycling needs, educate residents on proper recycling at strata meetings or lobby info sessions, and help you with signage and posters.

For more information or to book a Zero Waste Coach session, please call 778-227-4267 or email

Zero Waste at Events

Are you hosting an event for up to 500 people? Get in touch with us and borrow our Zero Waste Station! The Zero Waste Station includes up to 10 collection frames for five disposal streams (beverage containers, mixed paper, mixed containers, compostable materials, garbage), along with flag banners to increase the visibility and profile of your station.

Learn more about creating a Zero Waste Event by reading this Guide to Creating a Zero Waste Event

Call 604-983-6575 or email for details and to book the Zero Waste Station.

Dog Waste Program

In order to divert dog waste from the landfill which poses a health hazard and is harmful to the environment the City has placed dedicated dog waste bins throughout the City. Learn more.


Bear & Wildlife Awareness

Garbage is the number one bear attractant in residential areas. Bears have a keen sense of smell and are easily attracted to improperly managed garbage and Green Cans. If you manage or remove the bear attractants on your property you will greatly reduce the chance of attracting bears. Learn more.

  • Store your garbage and Green Can indoors or in a secure enclosure
  • Freeze your smelly food scraps (like chicken and fish) until collection day
  • Place garbage and Green Can at the curb only on the morning of your pick-up day, before 7:30am
  • Remove bird feeders between April and November
  • Keep your garbage, Green Can and barbeque clean
  • Feed pets indoors
  • Pick fruit as it ripens
  • Compost responsibly

The Solid Waste Management Service Bylaw 6920 requires that all garbage and Green Can be safely stored so they are not accessible by wildlife.

More information on bears:

Eco Levy

The Eco Levy ensures that both residential and business property owners share costs associated with efforts to reduce garbage, including the North Shore Recycling Drop-Off Depot. Before the Eco Levy, solid waste was funded exclusively through residential levies.

The Eco-Levy appears as a line item on your annual Property Tax statement and is based on the assessed value of the property.

Read more about the Eco Levy

School District #44

Weekly paper and mixed container recycling collection is provided to all School District 44 schools, as well as at Bodwell High School, Lions Gate Christian Academy, and St. Edmunds Catholic School.

Learn more about recycling collection and environmental education programs

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Lianne Shyry
Zero Waste Coach
Tel: 604 982 3995

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Zero Waste Programs

Do you need recycling or organics support for your multi-family building?
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