Film Bursary

City of North Vancouver based High School Students (in grade 9 or above) can apply for a two week filmmaking course in downtown Vancouver in July, and also have the opportunity to have this course paid by the City’s “Youth in Film” bursary.

The City’s “Youth in Film Bursary” is funded by the many film productions that film TV shows, movies or commercials the City, and contribute to this bursary.

Indie Filmmakers Lab

The City partners with the Cinematheque Education Department to provide youth with practical filming experience. 

Cinematheque, in collaboration with the SFU School for Contemporary Arts, formed the Indie Filmmakers Lab

The Indie Lab offers youth a two week summer course (either early or late July) taught at SFU’s School for Contemporary Arts in Gastown.

The Course

The Indie Filmmakers Lab immerses budding filmmakers in an environment of creativity and innovation where they are encouraged to draw inspiration and ideas from art of all kinds - photography, painting, dance and music - and, with support, can realize ideas with team of peers.

After 2 weeks of scripting, production, and editing they will produce a fully realized short film, which will be presented on the big screen. Find out more here.

Indie Film Lab & Bursary Applications - Deadline to apply was June 10, 2019.



Thank You Film Productions!

Nearly every production that films in the City of North Vancouver donates a bursary, so that some City high school students can take this course for FREE.

Contact Info

Clare Husk
Film Liaison
Tel: 604-982-3910
Cell: 604-679-2525

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