Progressive Climate Change Gas Pump Bylaw Passed by City Council

November 24, 2015
The City of North Vancouver’s Mayor and Council have unanimously passed a unique bylaw to implement Greenhouse Gas Emissions information labels on gas pumps. The bylaw, the first of its kind in Canada, will see the placement of labels on gas nozzle toppers or pump units at all gas stations located within the City of North Vancouver.

"This initiative demonstrates Council’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation,” says Mayor Darrell Mussatto. “Almost 50% of the City’s greenhouse gas emissions are created by vehicles. By reminding people of the connection between the use of fossil fuels and climate change, while providing fuel efficiency and active transportation tips, these labels will highlight the many ways we can reduce our impact on the environment."

 The design of the label series will be a combination of linking the use of fossil fuels and climate change, coupled with positive alternatives and information on how to maintain a more efficient vehicle. The labels are expected to be at local gas stations in 2016.

The City has created a number of innovative programs to reduce GHG emissions, and gas pump labels will serve as another opportunity to promote positive change. The City’s Community Transportation Demand Management Program encourages active transportation alternatives over single occupancy vehicle trips. Ride share, transit, walking and biking are encouraged and made possible by the City’s extensive greenway and ‘All Ages and Abilities’ bike network plan as well as the popular Spirit Trail.

Bike infrastructure in the City has grown considerably in the past few years.  As well, there are four electric vehicle charging stations located in the City including one of the first DC fast charge stations in B.C.  These initiatives, coupled with recent building energy efficiency programs, the Green Can collection program, the City’s Carbon Fund and Lonsdale Energy Corporation all help to contribute to lowering the City’s overall GHG emissions.

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For more information contact: Connie Rabold, Communications Manager, City of North Vancouver
Tel: 604-983-7383 | Email:

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