Leaky Toilet

Noticed a gurgling, gushing or trickling noise coming from your toilet? It's not a sign that your toilet is 'working' - it means you have a leak. Even if you don't hear any noise from your toilet, it's good practice to check for leaks at least once a year.

If you have a leaky toilet in your home, the amount of water your household consumes can multiply quickly. Although we don't have water meters in the City, the average leaky toilet can cost as much as $40 a month in water fees or $480 a year per toilet, meanwhile, the average single family home in the City pays around $400 annually for all the water they use in a year.

From an environmental standpoint, a leaky toilet is extremely wasteful. Water is a precious limited natural resource and the City, as part of its water conservation plan, urges everyone to check their toilets and fix leaks.

How to check for a leak?

Drop by City Hall and pick up a free packet of leak detector dye tablets (two tablets per pack) and head to your bathroom. If you can't stop by City Hall, complete the form below and we'll send you the tablets in the mail.

How to fix a leak?

If you discovered you have a leak, here are some simple repair directions*. These are for information only. If you are unsure or don't feel comfortable doing the repairs yourself, please hire a plumber.

* The City of North Vancouver is not responsible for any damage caused by faulty repairs.

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