2018 Living City Grant Recipients

Boundary Elementary School

Inspired by participation in the Cool Routes to School Program, students of Boundary Elementary School want to start a Spring Walking and Wheeling Campaign called “Walk BC”. Boundary Elementary is located on the boundary of the City and District with a significant number of City students attending the school.  The school will work as a team to accumulate enough kilometers actively travelled to equal the length of British Columbia. Each day students will record the distance they walked or wheeled to and from school. Students in Nancy Dale’s Grade 4/5 class will regularly update and map the total distances travelled. The grand prize will be a school dance if the school can travel from White Rock to Fort Nelson (1570 km) in a month.

Gerry’s Garden Society

Established in 2008, Gerry’s Garden is a half acre community garden that is volunteer created and run. The space was previously covered in concrete, weeds and invasive plants before Gerry MacPherson and volunteers began to transform the space into a vibrant social meeting space that includes benches, paths, trees and habitats for birds, bees and butterflies. Gerry’s Garden has become a much loved asset to the community and is regularly visited by seniors, school children and residents alike. The Society is seeking funding assistance for materials to rehabilitate garden beds and complete trail maintenance. 

Ridgeway Parent Advisory Council

Established in 1995, the Ridgeway Parent Advisory Council aims to raise funds to provide Ridgeway students with special programs, equipment and supplies they would not normally have access to.  The Council is seeking funding assistance to construct natural play and learning spaces to service the school and its growing community.  The project will emphasize natural learning and play spaces that will challenge and inspire a wide range of ages.  This project will also offer increased outdoor learning spaces and improve the aesthetics of the property. 

North Shore Community Garden Society

Established in 2008, the North Shore Community Garden Society’s purpose is to oversee the use and management of community gardens on the North Shore. The society currently operates six community gardens (3 in CNV and 3 in DNV) with more than 300 gardeners taking advantage of their plots. The Society is seeking funding assistance to purchase materials required to maintain pathways and public spaces within the City’s Charros and Queen Mary Community Gardens. The remainder of all funds for materials and labour for the path renewal project will come out of society funds. Both gardens are integral parts of their neighbourhoods and receive a high volume of foot traffic. The project will ensure safe access for mobility challenged gardeners and visitors, reduce water pooling, slow weed growth and provide easier pathways for wheelbarrows to move plants and garden refuse. 

Holy Trinity School

As part of a wider initiative to encourage students and parents to consider active transportation options, Holy Trinity Elementary School is seeking funding assistance to produce student designed notices or “reminder tickets” for parents dropping off their children to school. These tickets will allow volunteers to hand out information with tips and reminders to ensure students are safe within the school zone during arrival and dismissal. The tickets will function to reduce the volume of traffic around the school and ensure drop off zones are safer for those using active modes of transportation. The goal is to build a strong community, having parents and students working together to find ways to change behaviors and provide feedback in a non-confrontational manner. 

Larson School Parents Association

The Parents Association of Larson School is seeking funding for a multitude of projects encouraging sustainable transportation for students, staff and parents. The project includes a volunteer run carnival distributing information and bike safety prizes during Bike to School Week, the development and distribution of a best bike routes map to Larson School, a bike safety education seminar and installation of a covered bike rack on school grounds. This project aims to raise awareness for the benefits of active transportation, reduce the amount of local greenhouse gas emissions and increase knowledge of safe routes to school.

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