2017 Recipients

Fraser River Keeper

Founded in 2004, Fraser Riverkeeper is a registered Canadian charity that aims to promote water literacy and nurture a network of water leaders who will conserve, protect and advocate for swimmable, drinkable, fishable water and prosperous communities for generations to come. This project will provide training to youth to test water quality in the Mosquito Creek Watershed, through interactive workshops, field training and innovative digital tools. The ultimate goal of the project in year one is to create and develop a successful model for citizen water quality monitoring that can then be replicated throughout Metro Vancouver and eventually across the province.

North Shore Fruit Tree Project Society

Established in 2010, the North Shore Fruit Tree Project Society is a non-profit society that aims to reduce waste and provide nourishing food to those in need through harvesting fruit on the North Shore. The Society raises awareness of sustainable practices, encourages fruit tree picking within the community to maximize fruit tree yields, and provides fruit to local food banks and organizations. Every year, the Society has seen increases the numbers of volunteers, "picks" held, and volume of fruit picked and distributed to agencies including Salvation Army, Harvest Project, Lookout Shelter, NS Crisis Services and NS Hospice. In 2016, the number of picks increased by one-third and the volume of fruit picked doubled that of 2015. In anticipation of continued increases, the Society is seeking funding assistance to ease the pressure of stretched resources and to purchase of a second set of picking equipment.

Pacific Water Research Center, Simon Fraser University

Formed in 2015, the Pacific Water Research Centre adds value to ongoing and emerging research activities in SFU's Faculty of Environment. The focus of this project is to mobilize the community to learn about why and how rain gardens work to build flood resilience in residential, neighbourhood and community scales. The project proposed is a pilot that will inform a bigger initiative involving the three North Shore municipalities. This demonstration project would engage local citizens, local government, NGOs, university researchers and students in shared learning about the role of rain gardens in improving water quality and managing storm water. This pilot project will focus on learning through structured and interactive workshops and field site visits. This project aims to raise the awareness of the benefits of rain gardens and show residents how to access information and resources that will assist them in designing and constructing their own rain gardens.

BeeFriendly Native Bee Conservation Society

Established in 2012, the Beefriendly Native Bee Conservation Society aims to increase community awareness and education for the conservation of habitat and forage sources for the declining native bee species on the North Shore. Gerry’s Garden, located at East 14th Street and Rufus Avenue, is certified as a Wildlife Habitat space by the Canadian Wildlife Federation. This project is in response to arson in 2016, as well as, drought and winter conditions. It would include three parts: garden restructuring, installation of an irrigation system, planting, and replacement of the Beefriendly native bee hotel.

North Shore Table Matters

Table Matters is a network of local citizens, organizations, businesses, governments and schools working together to support food policy and food related development projects. This project will celebrate projects and people doing food systems work on the North Shore and to convene a community dialogue around diversity in its many forms: environmental diversity, indigenous foods and Reconciliation, socioeconomic diversity and poverty, and multicultural diversity – all under the banner/theme of ‘food’. This project aims to strengthen connections amongst organizations and individuals doing food related work on the North Shore, to energize and inspire people doing food related work and wanting to be involved, to enjoy and appreciate good food in good company, and to spark some new thinking/dialogue about diversity.

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