2018 Living City Award Recipients

Gerry MacPherson

Ten years ago at the age of 88, Gerry MacPherson began clearing a half acre “no man’s land” in his neighbourhood located on the south side of Loutet Park. Gerry has been instrumental in the transformation of the garden, previously covered with industrial debris, tree stumps, weeds and invasive plants, into a social hub that is increasingly frequented by seniors, students and residents alike. Over the years, the garden has evolved into a vibrant public space and received “wildlife friendly” certification from the Canadian Wildlife Federation. At 98, Gerry’s kindness, dedication and vision still help Gerry’s Garden remain a valuable treasure to the City.

Carol Sartor and Kulvir Mann

Carol and Kulvir are School Travel Planning Facilitators with the Hub for Active School Travel (HASTeBC).  Carol and Kulvir encourage students and their families to take alternative transportation, provide education about school zone safety and promote the benefits of active travel. Carol and Kulvir regularly participate in City and community group meetings, giving presentations and using social media to promote walk to school messages to the wider community. Their passion for encouraging students and families to engage in active travel is unparalleled and their advocacy has been a key part of the success of the Safe and Active School Travel Program at Holy Trinity Elementary.  

Nancy Dale’s Grade 4/5 Class at Boundary Elementary School

Through participation in the “Cool Routes to School” program, students of Nancy Dale’s Grade 4/5 class have focused on how they could reduce car-centric behaviour within their school community. Using education, encouragement, enforcement and engineering as guiding principles, this creative group of students created videos on pedestrian safety, participated in distracted driving campaigns and provided feedback on improvements to intersections along 29th street. The class is also coordinating an active transportation campaign in which the school works as a team to accumulate enough kilometers actively travelled to equal the length of British Columbia, titled “Walk BC”.

Pam Pike

Pam is the President of the Hamilton Heights Neighbourhood Association. She is an environmental champion who seeks to inspire others to take action to protect the environment. Pam is active in the community organizing clean up events, promoting energy conservation, educating residents about coexisting with wildlife and assisting with the development of gardens located on the corners of Hamilton and Cumberland Ave. The community would like to recognize Pam for her passion and continued work to improve the environment within the City of North Vancouver.

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