2016 Recipients

Odette Monroy – Environmental Enhancement and Protection

Odette runs the Just for Barks Doggy Daycare at 140 – 400 Brooksbank Avenue. When out walking the dogs, Odette takes the initiative to clean up dog waste on the trails of local parks. She brings extra biodegradable bags with her to pick up the waste, not just from her canine customers, but from other dogs. Odette deals with dog waste sustainably, and follows best practices to flush the waste at her doggy daycare to minimize pet waste going to the landfill. She is thoughtful and friendly, and very conscious of the potential environmental impact of improperly dealt with dog waste. Odette’s proactive efforts have had a positive impact on the sensitive fish bearing creek and ecological habitat of Lynnmouth Park.

Ridgeway Elementary’s Healthy Safe School Committee – Sustainable Transportation and Awareness

Ridgeway students from Grades 5 to 7 created a lunch time Health and Safety Committee to address safety issues regarding school travel, where over 60% of students are being driven to and from school. This group of creative students took a multi-tiered approach to provide education for students including: 1) a poster campaign promoting the benefits of active school travel; 2) school challenges including a “Golden Wheelie” competition to achieve the highest active transportation participation; and 3) a short film to raise awareness for parents about the importance of sharing the road and making their school zone safe for all modes of transportation. The students took on this challenge with enthusiasm and have a strong message: “Change needs to happen and it starts with me.”

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