2015 Recipients

Ann Pentland - Urban Agriculture

Ann spreads her love for urban agriculture and gardening wherever she goes. She tends a bountiful vegetable garden in her backyard and boulevard, volunteers countless hours at the North Shore Neighbourhood House's Edible Garden Project and Park & Tilford's "Friends of the Gardens", and lends a helping hand at Loutet Farm. She also keeps the weekly "Food Hub" table stocked with amazing vegetables at the Food Bank. Ann always makes time to support other community initiatives, whether it is an invasive species pull, a community garden build, or a local workshop. Her wealth of knowledge, humble attitude, and passion for growing food in the city makes her a wonderful asset to our community.

Joe Geluch, Naikoon Contracting - Energy Conservation

Naikoon Contracting has been a passionate BUILT GREEN Builder for years, a registered R-2000 Builder and is trained to build ENERGY STAR rated homes. Not only does Naikoon build multi-certified energy efficient homes, they also devote time to teaching the public and their residential construction peers about sustainable building practices. Their "Midori Uchi" project in North Vancouver gained a lot of media attention as they met and exceeded their goal of building the "Greenest Home in Canada" and introduced the concept of building a house as an efficient system. Naikoon's commitment is to build homes that are sustainable, environmentally sensitive, comfortable and beautiful.

Brad Slater, Mountainside Secondary - Environmental Education And Awareness

Brad is a teacher at Mountainside Secondary with an outstanding commitment to environmental education and awareness. An avid outdoors person and passionate environmentalist, he has run experiential outdoor learning trips for the past 10 years. He focuses many of his classroom projects on environmental stewardship, and integrates current environmental issues and traditional First Nations experiences into his teaching. Three years ago Brad formed Mountainside Secondary's first Outdoor Learning Immersion, with huge success. He is a phenomenal role model and mentor with an admirable work ethic, who goes above and beyond for his students and inspires them through his kindness, encouragement and leadership.

Maja Regehr - Urgan Agricultre

Maja Regehr is a selfless, community minded volunteer who really walks the talk and has greatly served her community. In her role as President of the North Shore Community Garden Society, she played an instrumental role in the creation of five community gardens in the City, including the Charros, City Hall and St. Andrews gardens. Under her leadership, Maja was able to pull together financial and material resources from many different groups, including private sector members and other civic groups, such as the Lynn Valley Lions and the Edible Garden Project. In her quiet, friendly, unassuming, knowledgeable and professional manner, she has helped make community gardens an important facet of our community.

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