Living City

Living City 

Environmental protection and climate action have long been a part of the City's core values, policies and programs. From urban planning, building design and infrastructure, and habitat restoration to corporate practices, municipal operations and community outreach, we are continually looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

To build a community that is resilient to future challenges, we must not only lead by example, but provide opportunities for residents and businesses to play a role in building a more sustainable community. Living City represents all the City's environmental sustainability initiatives, how our City is doing and what we can all do to ensure a sustainable community for future generations. It's about each of us doing our part and respecting our environment as we coexist to create a Living City.

Living City Climate Action Starts Here Summary Report

Learn about the City's commitment to climate action and sustainability.

Discover how the City is facilitating long-term environmental sustainability in our beautiful community.

The City actively works with other partners to support residents in saving energy.

Learn about how the City is taking action to help foster a zero waste ethic.

Find out how the City supports more sustainable transportation alternatives.

Explore urban agriculture in the City and how you can grow your own food, keep urban chickens and more.

Discover what you can do to make a difference in our community.

Get details on funding and recognition opportunities offered by the City.

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