Complaint Handling Policy

City of North Vancouver Corporate Policy #C16A

A Complaint Handling Policy and Guidelines have recently been adopted as new corporate policy by the City of North Vancouver.

This policy and process will provide any individual, whether an employee of the City of North Vancouver or a member of the public, an avenue of appeal for actions taken and decisions made by or on behalf of the City, where there is no other avenue of redress available and where there are reasonable grounds that the decision or action requires investigation.

The policy is an important part of the City's quality assurance to ensure the provision of excellent service to the public, and a fair process for the investigation of concerns.

Policing matters, issues that may be raised under collective agreements, actions taken by employees and organizations that receive funds from, but are not governed by the City of North Vancouver, issues managed by legislation (Human Rights, Employment Standards, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act), as some examples, are not covered by the policy as they are either outside the City's control or they provide other avenues of investigation and redress.

Click on the link below to view the new policy, procedures and procedure flowchart.

Contact Info

Manager, Human Resources 
Corinne Nichols
Tel: 604-982-3928

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