City Clerks

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have modified our methods for public contact with City Clerks staff, receiving submissions, providing information and hosting Council meetings.

Please note the following.

  • To contact City Clerks staff, email This account is monitored by multiple persons.
  • To submit comments or questions regarding Council matters, please email If the subject matter relates to an upcoming meeting agenda item, it will be read into the minutes and form part of the official record. Otherwise, staff will forward the submission to the appropriate City department for action and/or follow up.
  • Council Meetings will be live streamed, as usual; however, elected officials and non-essential staff will participate remotely. As city hall is closed to the public, no public attendance is permitted at this time. As such, Public Input Period and Public Clarification Period are suspended until further notice.
  • City Clerks staff will continue to use the website as the primary communication tool for Council meeting information. Special Notices, when required, will be posted on the main entrance doors to city hall and will be advertised in the local newspaper where appropriate.

The City Clerk's Department is responsible for the preparation of Council and Committee agendas, the recording of official minutes, the administration and certification of City bylaws, and election procedures. The Department is also responsible for requests made under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; to submit a request, complete a Request for Access to Records.

In addition, the City Clerk's Department manages and preserves all Council, Committee, and corporate records of the City.

Contact Info

Corporate Officer/City Clerk
Karla Graham
Tel: 604-990-4234
Fax: 604-990-4202

Deputy City Clerk
Christine Baird
Tel: 604-990-4233
Fax: 604-990-4202


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