Travel Options

Connect to your City with sustainable travel options. 

One of the best ways to connect to your community is simple: getting around the City in an active way. Walking, rolling, and riding transit are linked with a stronger sense of community belonging, increased happiness, decreased stress, and better overall health.

Making small changes to the ways you get around or when and how you use a car can save you money, improve your well-being, and help the environment at the same time. As we starting heading back to schools and workplaces this fall, it’s a great opportunity to try something new. 


Every trip begins and ends on foot – whether it’s walking to the bus stop, locating a car share vehicle, or taking a mobility scooter to go get a coffee. The City is already one of the most pedestrian friendly communities in the region, and we are working to make walking easier, safer, and more accessible. 

Check out these new and recently improved pedestrian network and walking resources: street mural near Ridgeway Elementary

Learn more about walking in the City on our Walking webpage.

kids crossing street

Cycling & Rolling

The City is making it safer and more convenient to get around by bike, skateboard, and other rolling devices with new infrastructure, programs, and resources:  

Learn more about cycling in the City on our Cycling webpage.



The City works in coordination with TransLink towards improvements to our transportation network that make transit a quick and efficient travel option.

Check out these transit improvements that have happened over the past year:

  • Kids 12 and under now ride free! Learn more from TransLink.
  • Launch of the R2 RapidBus, including the addition of bus priority lanes to make your journey faster and more reliable.
  • 10-minute SeaBus service at key times, starting in Fall 2021.
  • Upgrades to the Lonsdale Quay Transit Exchange to improve user experience and accessibility.

TransLink also offers resources for employers large and small to help their employees incorporate active travel into their commute through the TravelSmart program.

Learn more about transit in the City on our Transit webpage.


Greener Driving

When you need to take a car, consider trying a shared or low-emission option, such as car share or an electric vehicle.  

  • Electric vehicle incentives, and how and where to charge in the City - we’ve been adding charging stations across the City to make it easier to switch to an EV.
  • Car share can replace a private vehicle by making shared vehicles available throughout the City when you need one.
    • Evo offers one-way car share (i.e. pick up in one location and drop off in a different location)
    • Modo offers two-way car share (i.e. pick up and drop off in the same location)
  • Ride sharing offers shared commutes within private vehicles.
    • Poparide - commute within and between cities in Canada
    • RideSharing - local car pool and long distance ride share options in Canada and the USA

Learn more about greener driving in the City on our Car Sharing and Ride-Sharing webpages, and in our Electric Vehicles section.

electric vehicle charging

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